Our solution.

The Ledgertech solution is a powerful combination of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Data to securely connect insurance ecosystem participants, integrated with existing core insurance platforms driving key benefits :

– Automate and streamline core reinsurance and claims processing to reduce cost

– Extract more value from investments in digital apps, AI/ML

– Capitalize on decades of expertise and information by integrating legacy systems and data

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Securely engaging key stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem

Service Provider
Blockchain. Smart Contracts. Data.
Core insurance systems integration.

Driving value for all participants

  • Customer

    Fully digital experience end to end

    Tailored products and competitive pricing and rewards based on personal choices and (validated) data provided

    Automated, transparent processing of applications, claims and other transactions

  • Insurer

    Intelligent automation of core/low risk processes to focus better use of resources on high value activity

    Reduced risk and improved fraud prevention

    Enhanced trust and transparency with customers and third parties to build loyalty

    Reduced cost of operation for competitive edge and continued investment

  • Service Provider

    Preferred status from ecosystem participation

    Faster payments to improve cash flow