The ledgertech value proposition

We deliver a core solution, which can be easily tailored to insurance sub-sectors (use case driven) to enable our customers to radically transform and improve core aspects of today’s business processes :
– Simplify customer applications
– Improve risk/fraud detection
– Streamline underwriting and claims
– Increase competitive edge

The ledgertech approach

Safely and securely engaging all primary stakeholders in the insurance value chain via a common ecosystem is critical to driving 4 main goals :
Transparency, Efficiency, Compliance and Competitiveness.

Service Provider
Blockchain / Cloud / Big Data / Smart Contracts
KYC / Financial Rating / Risk Rating / Claims History

The ledgertech solution drives the following key benefits for stakeholders :

  • Customer Value

    Tailored products which take into account customer preferences
    Single digital app for faster, simpler access and single point of contact
    More competitive pricing and rewards based on personal choices and (validated) data provided
    More efficient, transparent processing of applications, claims and other transactions

  • Insurer Value

    Increased automation of back office including underwriting and risk assessment leading to faster/more efficient processing and reduced costs
    Re-purposed core staff to value add rather than routine tasks
    Improved fraud prevention and detection to lower costs and increase regulatory compliance
    Reduced dependency on manual interfaces (e.g. paper, phone, email etc.) to speed up end to end processing
    Increased reliability of customer profile data
    Improved customer retention

  • Service Provider Value

    Provision/receipt of information (e.g. proof of delivery, estimates, invoices etc.) directly to/from the ecosystem
    Reduced adminstrative overhead.
    Preferred status from ecosystem participation by insurers
    Faster payments from insurers to improve collections related cash flow.